These are experts in e-commerce who give you laser focused help to grow your business. Our one hour sessions are helpful to answer a set of specific questions. EMAIL US ([email protected]) to set up a longer term package for you and your business.

Cordelia Blake

Cordelia has extensive Amazon experience and helps current sellers with strategy and brainstorming for wholesale, bundles, and private label as well as overall planning. She also works with small business who have current brands off Amazon understand how to sell on Amazon. She works well with wholesaler sourcers and private labelers. 

Milas King

Milas has extensive shipping and ordering experience from China as well as planning and implementing systems to automate a business. He is great at tightening up systems, planning to turn current revenue into future growth, and scaling. He works well with arbitragersprivate labelers.

Alex Howard

Alex has built a successful family business outside of Atlanta. They have a warehouse and employs 3 family members full time and their business grows each year. Alex is exceptional at PPC, Amazon listing writing, flat files, wholesale, and wholesale bundles


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