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Sponsorship is an opportunity to contribute to our community, show corporate transparency and build trust with customers. 

Sponsor Standards

We ask all of our sponsors to adhere to these standards.

  • Have at least a 30 day or refund policy (or for those types of services with a large up front time investment, procedures for addressing customer issues)
  • If you engage in affiliate marketing of your product, the discount that you provide our members must be at least equivalent to the amount disbursed to affiliates as we do not take an affiliate commission
  • If in business for over a year, have at least 3 testimonials from members
  • If new or do not have our members as testimonial providers, then are willing to comp at least 3 of our members to test your product for a meaningful period of time
  • At least 1 member from your executive team must be a member of our Facebook group and able to answer questions from our members as needed
  • A section on your website must clearly identify the owners or operators of the company with clear contact information

We reserve the right to cancel or not approve any sponsor application.

Sponsor Levels

Premiere Sponsor

Great for larger companies, especially service providers, who want to connect with customers in a non salesy way and also share some co-marketing from Scanner Society.

- 3 Group Memberships

- Featured Mention On Website

- Full Page Ad In Annual Printed Directory

- In Depth Article On Dedicated Web Page

- Two 20 Minute Videos Filmed At Our Location To Be Aired Publicly and Marketed On Social Media

$149/Month or $1499/Year

Event Sponsor

Fabulous for Retail and Premier Sponsors or other companies to connect socially, to meet new potential customers and foster those relationships. Helps build trust and relatedness.

- Temporary Group Membership

- Logo On Ads For Event

- Staff and Guests Can Attend Event For Free

- Emails For Those Who Opt In At Event

- A 20 Minute Video Interview Filmed At Our Location To Be Aired Publicly On Social Media

$599 One Time

Premiere Sponsors

Here is what we offer to you in exchange for your trust in us and our organization.

  • Logo and link on our website 
  • A custom page on our website with information and several testimonials from our members (if available)
  • 2 video interviews/trainings produced by us (annually) on a location we are already visiting (or in Atlanta) that will be publicized via social media. Content emphasis is educational.
  • Up to 3 of your team as members of our Facebook group to answer questions and engage (nothing sales-y please). 
  • Up to 3 logins for your team to access our member content
  • Can provide limited exclusive services or educational content for our members
  • The first opportunity to co-sponsor live events such as mixers and trips
  • Is part of a limited number of Premiere Sponsors 

Premiere Sponsor Monthly


Per Month


Premiere Sponsor Annual


Per Year


Event Sponsor

Co-sponsor special events with us to help us all reach a greater audience. We offer...

  • Your logo and link on our website and in other event related marketing
  • Temporary group membership of 30 days
  • Share emails for those attend and register for the prize at the event (With their permission)
  • Co-marketing to amplify reach of the event
  • 1 video interview/training produced by us (annually) on a location we are already visiting (or in Atlanta) that will be publicized via social media. Content emphasis is educational.

Event Sponsor




Access To Our Group Membership Includes...

Software, Training, Supply, & Service Discounts

Private Facebook Group

No Affiliate Marketing

Positive & Growth Oriented Conversations

Free Admission to Live Networking Events in the US and World

Monthly Group Coaching Call

Interviews and Information from Successful Sellers & Industry Experts

Printed Resource Directory (Annually)

Scanner Society App

Member Testimonials

"I owe most of my Amazon success to this group and following all the the great info that is shared here. Never doubt yourself we are capable of much more than we think we are."

Jon Graham, Member Since 2014

"After the many workshops, presentations, training, etc. that I have participated in for our Amazon business, I can say that this group has been the most valuable to me."

Candace Tanner, Member Since 2015

"I joined in 2014 before I decided to do FBA full time. First for the BOLO posts, but it has evolved into way more than that. So many awesome posts that help shorten my learning curve, and just simply amazing networking with awesome sellers who are so willing to help. And did I mention that their webcasts are second to none? Thank you Scanner Monkey for everything. I have met so many people who I call close friends now. My business would not be where it is in such a short period of time without your help."

Agus, Member since 2014


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