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Our online classes and programs are phenomenal and are taught by experts in e-commerce and business.

We bring together the best educators to help you and your team learn targeted new skills to grow and achieve.

The E-Commerce Roundtable

Our 90 day program is the mastermind program that actually works. It consists of a small group of sellers, with a mix of business models and revenue levels who work together and is facilitated by a professional business coach so participants can focus on their business not how to run a group.  It is both a sounding board and a structured environment. Our focus is on growth, support and accountability rather than sharing trade secrets. So members can surpass their own goals and connect with each other.

Participants will

  • Attend bi-weekly online meetings facilitated by our coach
  • Check in weekly via email with our coach
  • Connect with each other in the secret Facebook group

The next session starts September 1st so you can ACHIEVE MORE IN Q4.

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